Michael Ryan is a multi-faceted businessman who for the last twenty-five years has specialised in the development, construction and operation of the finest resort, residential and commercial developments along with investments in large scale projects.

A global entrepreneur, Mike’s most recent projects are the acquisition for re-development of the Lloyds Chambers building in the City of London, and the development of FIN Grand Cayman, a luxury oceanfront residential project on Grand Cayman.

About Mike Ryan

Mike Ryan is a developer, pioneer, leader, innovator, and visionary in luxury resort and residential development. His fierce tenacity to get things done regardless of the obstacles, his ability to see ‘problems’ as opportunities, and his enigmatic capacity to bring people together, combine to make Ryan one of today’s most respected global entrepreneurs.    

For more than twenty years, Michael Ryan has been instrumental in the conception and development of ground-breaking projects from Canada to Latin America and the Caribbean, to London and Asia. He has developed more than three million square feet of hotels, resorts, residential and commercial properties across the globe valued at more than three billion dollars.

Many of the elements now considered standard requirements for luxury developments were first his brainchild. Nowhere is this more apparent than in his Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman project.  As Owner and Developer of the award-winning resort, he was the first to appreciate that luxury resort developments require a combination of hotel and branded residential opportunities both working together seamlessly to offer an unparalleled lifestyle. Mike Ryan was also the first to realize the potential of bringing multiple complementary brands together to create something unique, and uniquely valuable, in the world of luxury resort and residential development, such as:

A combination of skills and experience covering, design, construction, operations, sales, marketing, and finance enables him to see all aspects of a project at once, making him a sought-after strategic partner in real estate development and acquisitions and other business ventures.

Mike Ryan was Chairman of the Cayman Islands National Investment Council, and has been on the boards of the Private Finance Initiative Oversight Committee, the Cayman Islands Investment Council, and the Planning Review Committee. His global leadership in the field has been recognized by such organisations as the publicly listed Egyptian Development company, Orascom, the largest resort developer in Egypt, for whom he has been a board member for the last four years as well as chairing the audit committee.

Michael Ryan is based, through his company Silverfin Development in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, and is currently focused on projects in the Caribbean and Latin America.