Silverfin Development Company Ltd.

Silverfin Development Company is a Cayman Islands based development company with a strong and dedicated team with proven experience in developing, constructing, operating, marketing and selling the finest resort and residential properties in the Caribbean region.

Silverfin develops and manages projects in the Cayman Islands, as well as seeking select opportunities in London, and Asia and Latin America.

Silverfin is focused on value addition through intelligent planning, lean management and focused execution.

Ceres Limited

Latin America is historically the home for high quality cannabis.  CERES is committed to becoming the world leader in the production and supply of the highest quality, low cost cannabis products.

CERES is a Latin Company, with deep roots throughout the region and as Latin America’s trusted partner, we aim to lead the world in cannabis research, production and supply.

Working in service to the people of Latin America, CERES is a catalyst for positive social change, job creation and shared prosperity, all whilst healing many and boosting Latin American economies.