Mike Ryan is prominently known in the Cayman Islands for his charity work having, for the past ten years, been the main benefactor of the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre, raising funds for this charity through the now-famous annual Legends Tennis Charity Event 

In his most recent project, FIN, Mike has pioneered a long-term coral reef conservation program to ensure that the views below water are just as wondrous as those above.

In partnership with the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, Nova Southeastern University, and the Coral Reef Institute, FIN is the first real estate development in the Cayman Islands to undertake the funding of a coral reef monitoring and restoration program. FIN is also the first to create continued long-term funding through the contribution of 1% of its monthly strata fees, setting a new standard for future oceanfront property development.

For more information on FIN’s coral reef conservation program, visit FIN