Cayman Islands Off-the-Wall Snorkeling Magic

The Cayman Islands has long been famous for its incredible snorkeling experiences. The warm, clear waters and amazing aquatic life are set against one of nature’s most extraordinary stages, the Cayman Wall.

The unique snorkeling site in the Cayman Islands is the remains of an ancient volcanic plug breaking the surface. It is a slender column rising over a thousand feet, connecting the dark mysteries of the Caribbean sea floor to the warm blue waters of the surface. This unique vertical plinth means that the ‘deep blue’ is just feet away from the sandy shallows of Stingray City.

An Unforgettable Adventure

One of the greatest thrills for any diver is to come out from one of the many sand-filled chutes and have the bottom drop away into a fathomless blue; some say it’s as close as one can get to space without leaving the planet. It is an eerie feeling; some find it euphoric, others terrifying, but no one is unmoved.

Cayman Islands’ snorkeling sites are unique because they offer an extraordinary experience right beside each other. The world-famous Stingray City is just a short ride from the famous drop-off, and you don’t have to be an expert diver to enjoy both. When the water turns to glass in the summer, it’s the perfect time to visit.

You can start feeding the stingrays, a thrill that never gets old, then do a short hop over to the tropical gardens snorkel site and experience the wall drifting over the abyss behind your boat mere minutes later.

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Treat yourself after snorkeling in the Cayman Islands

Once done snorkeling in the Cayman Islands, you are then spoiled for choice where to partake of your midday repast. You can cruise around Fisherman’s Rock into Morgan’s Harbour and enjoy the famous Calypso Grill or Tuka. A few short minutes south in the Sound will bring you into Governor’s Harbour to enjoy “Morgan’s,” as you might have guessed, a transplant from Morgans Harbour some years back, or Bacaro, a unique tasting experience.

A few more minutes south takes you to the Crescent in Camana Bay to try Agua, Brooklyn, and other places that fill their streets. But to really get the best of your day out on the water, head northeast to Kaibo and sit under the umbrellas and shade areas on a private cove with some of the best food, iconic mudslides, and views on the island. This is how you can have the best Cayman Island snorkeling experience.

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