The Evolution of Island Life: from Sailors to Financiers

Cayman is different, the expression “Cayman is an Island in the Caribbean, not a Caribbean Island” was born out of its remoteness, located out on the region’s western edge, looking as much at Central America as the Leewards, and its unique origins, a non-plantation based community formed by a collection of sailors, boatbuilders, and small farmers, was confirmed when they were “the islands time forgot” and even more so today as it’s become the cosmopolitan and culinary capital of the region and the perfect place to experience the island life.

Island life in the Cayman Island.

A journey through the island life

Caymanians have always traveled abroad; since there wasn’t enough agriculture or natural wealth to live off in the old days, the men left to work on foreign ships, traveling the length and breadth of the world and sending wages back home. Nowadays, it’s for work, school, and to enhance global connectivity. The result was that Cayman was and is open to embracing what foreign cultures have to teach and to open their home to people from around the globe. As a result, the Cayman Islands are home to over 130 nationalities who can experience the unique Cayman Island lifestyle.

This tiny island is a microcosm, urban and rural, sophisticated and laid back, curios and discrete, and there is no place quite like it. Island life is unique here.

Like all evolutions, the evolution came in phases; first, free sailors and journeymen came from all points in the region to fish, boat build, turtle, and turn their hand to agriculture on the rough soil. As time changed and they needed to find ways to make ends meet, they forged a name as coveted engineers on vessels, bringing home habits and tastes from places as diverse as Texas and India. As the population grew, they turned to intellectual capital to become a leader in developing international offshore finance, bringing in a new wave of professionals and those to support them. Island life is at the core of this evolution.

FIN Grand Cayman

Innovative Evolution in the Cayman Islands

In time the islands had created an unmet demand for world-class hospitality offerings. The Ritz-Carlton was conceived to set a new standard of what was possible in island hospitality. With its Seven Wonders on Seven Mile Beach, the Ritz-Carlton showed that you could be out of New York or London to find the finest dining, spas, service, and quality. The Ritz-Carlton enhances island life in the Cayman Islands.

Continuing in Cayman’s history of innovation, the Ritz-Carlton, its restaurant Blue, and Silver Rain Spa all became the top-rated in the region and, in doing so, spawned a new wave of dining and other entertainments that elevated Cayman farther from the rest.

But despite all its awards and sophistication, Cayman has retained the openness that first attracted people who wanted to do something more. The slight town feel remains, and the reflex from most people is to wave as they drive by, to leave their doors unlocked, and to stop for a quick chat even with a busy day pulling at them. This is what you could call island life.

Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman Mike Ryan.

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